Risk Radar™

riskmethods Risk Radar™ identifies risk in real time by profiling and monitoring your supply network.

Visualize Your Risk Exposure and Dependencies

Gain visibility into your supply network by digitally mapping your entire supply chain and visualizing it on an interactive world map.

  • Get covered for all kinds of risk. Supply chain risk management is about the whole spectrum of risk. riskmethods data sources assess financial risk, natural disaster risk, reputational risk, geopolitical risk, man-made risk and cyber risk.
  • Visualize your supply network health. From your sub-tiers to your customers, check the health of your supply network via an interactive world map that’s updated based on real-time monitoring powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Understand your risk exposure. Drive better decisions by revealing supply chain dependencies and risky situations.
  • See where you need to take action. Immediately understand the impact zone of a risk event by quickly viewing your affected suppliers, locations and customers.
  • Focus on what you need to know. See only what you need to see by customizing your interactive world map for your own category or area of responsibility.
  • Raise risk awareness. Use the riskmethods TV App™ to showcase your virtual supply network on the big screen or in your control tower, and bring the topic of risk management to your entire organization.

Get Real-Time Insights with riskmethods Risk Intelligence™

Risk Radar is powered by riskmethods Risk Intelligence, a technology-driven service that uses artificial intelligence to identify the real risk to your supply chain. 

  • Risk Intelligence scans millions of sources. Media outlets, commercial databases, government databases and more. If there’s a risk to your supply chain, you’re going to know about it.
  • Risk Intelligence finds the signal in the noise. Monitoring is only half the battle—you also have to judge what’s relevant. Our machine-learning AI engine can pinpoint exactly what matters to your supply chain.
  • Risk Intelligence is real time. In risk management, every second counts. riskmethods Risk Intelligence keeps you in the know—in the now.
  • Risk Intelligence is predictive. Receive insights such as early warning signals and trends about all kinds of potential risk to take proactive measures.
Where Does the Data Come From?

Real-Time Media Monitoring

riskmethods Risk Intelligence monitors millions of news stories in real time.


Commercial and Government Databases

Databases such as Munich RE NATHAN Risk Suite, Transparency International and Standard and Poor’s round out your risk data.


Premium Data Sources

Risk data from premium content partners feeds specialized risk information into Risk Radar.

Stay on Top of Risk in Any Time or Place

Receive timely risk notifications and stay informed of new and evolving threats wherever you are.

  • Take supply chain risk management anywhere. Whether you’re traveling for business or on a run, Risk Radar keeps you up to date—all you need is internet access. 

  • Keep your supply network in your pocket. Need to check your risk exposure while on the go? Get the riskmethods Mobile App™ for your iPhone or Android device. 

Get At-a-Glance Risk Profiles for Suppliers and More

Immediately understand your risk exposure by viewing an automatically populated risk scorecard that shows the risk profile of suppliers, locations, ports or any other risk object.

  • Easily understand your risk exposure. Immediately understand the risk profile of every element of your supply network by assessing risk on a score from 0 (no risk) to 100 (high risk).
  • Compare apples to apples. Easily compare the risk of different suppliers, locations and more thanks to a single risk score that is calculated from multiple data sources.
  • Calculate risk scores on day 1. riskmethods risk scorecards come automatically configured based on risk management best practices.
  • Customize your scorecard for your own needs. Want to add additional risk indicators, custom data from within your organization or your own weighting system? No problem. You have full control over how your scorecard works.

Become More Proactive with an Insightful Dashboard and Custom Reports

Reveal hidden trends with a user-friendly dashboard and customizable reports that tell you the story behind your risk data.

  • Read your data easily. Get at-a-glance understanding of the riskiest elements in your supply network: highest risk scores, risk history, critical risk objects and more.
  • Customize your visualizations. No data scientists required! Create the charts and graphs you need with a few clicks.
  • Share your data simply. Need to put together a quick report on your supply network health for a meeting or presentation? Easily export data for sharing with stakeholders.

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