riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility

riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility visualizes the process of monitoring and alerting n-tier supply chains with The riskmethods Solution™. You can map dependencies and expose threats in your sub-tiers before they become critical.

What Is Sub-tier Visibility?

Among other things, the COVID-19 crisis revealed the risk exposure of most organizations’ supply chains due to their inability to properly map their supply chains and supply paths. Yet with visibility into the sub-tiers, enterprises can address supply chain shortages or other disruptions. ​

According to Deloitte’s CPO Study 2021, around 70% of survey participants have visibility into their tier 1 suppliers, but only 15% of organizations say they have visibility into tier 2 and beyond. Although organizations are increasingly gaining tier 1 visibility, sub-tier visibility remains elusive. Yet this remains a critical capability for strengthening supply chain resilience and establishing a competitive advantage. ​

By improving your ability to visually map your sub-tier suppliers, your organization is able to clearly identify supply chain dependencies and expose supply risk. You also discover new areas for supplier collaboration and identify new avenues of risk mitigation.

“Gaining sub-tier visibility continues to be one of the most complex and pressing challenges associated with managing supply chain risk. The process is manual, tedious, and time-consuming, and rarely benefits the supplier. We’re overcoming this issue by automating processes, making it easy to collaborate, and offering tangible value for each participant in the trading relationship.” Heiko Schwarz, CEO and founder of riskmethods.

Benefits of riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility

riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility is an innovative approach to n-tier transparency that benefits each of the participants in a trading relationship.​

As an enterprise customer, riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility enables you to become risk aware to new and emerging threats that may disrupt your supply chain. Such insights allow you to synchronize risk visibility and mitigation efforts with suppliers. ​

Where does sub-tier information come from?​

First, you invite your tier 1 suppliers to join riskmethods Supply Risk Network. They then contribute information on their suppliers. And through your suppliers’ active participation, you gain a true visibility into an extended supply network that is otherwise unattainable.​

How do I track sub-tier suppliers?​

riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility lets you visualize your supply network and you receive warnings of risk events. It shows your sub-tier risk posture natively within The riskmethods Solution.​ ​ “Enterprises can avoid costs and disruption by addressing risk before it happens, and by using prepared action plans to speed up risk mitigation. Collaboration between all supply parties leads to more stable supply chains, partnerships, and revenue streams for buyers as well as suppliers.” Bill DeMartino, Chief Product Officer and GM North America riskmethods

riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility on riskmethods Supply Risk Network

Creating resilient supply chains requires visibility and collaboration across the supply ecosystem​. Most enterprises only have visibility of their direct suppliers.

riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility is the critical first step to collaboratively reduce risk in the supply network.​ Every participant in the network benefits from gaining visibility​ of new and emerging threats to their supply or brand​.


How Sub-tier Visibility Strengthens Supply Chain Resilience Learn why it is critical to monitor, identify, assess, and mitigate risk through all levels of your supply network, so you can be risk aware, react faster, and be proactive about threats.

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