riskmethods Sub-tier VisibilityTM

riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility visualizes the process of monitoring and alerting n-tier supply chains with The riskmethods Solution™. You can map dependencies and expose threats in your sub-tiers before they become critical.

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What Is Sub-tier Visibility?

Every manufacturing enterprise depends on their direct suppliers (tier 1), who purchase from their suppliers, the sub-tiers. When you can visualize your suppliers’ suppliers (tier 2) or other third parties, you achieve sub-tier visibility. Although organizations are increasingly gaining tier 1 visibility, sub-tier visibility remains elusive.


According to Deloitte’s CPO Study 2021, around 70% of survey participants have visibility into their tier 1 suppliers. But only 15% of organizations say they have visibility into tier 2 and beyond. Among other things, the COVID-19 crisis revealed the risk exposure of most organizations’ supply chains. This arose from their inability to properly map their supply chains and supply paths.

It is no longer enough to know who your direct suppliers are. When your organization is able to visually map your sub-tier suppliers, you can identify supply chain dependencies, and expose supply risk. This remains a critical capability for strengthening supply chain resilience and establishing a competitive advantage.

How Does riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility Enable Supply Chain Transparency?

Until now, getting sub-tier information has not been easy. Often, suppliers saw no benefit of providing this data. Now supply chain mapping enabled by riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility provides real value to both enterprises and their suppliers. By gaining multi-tier visibility, enterprises and their partners all achieve greater transparency.

Benefits from Collaborating with Suppliers and Sub-tiers

riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility is an innovative approach to multi-tier transparency that benefits each of the participants in a trading relationship. By gaining visibility of risk throughout multiple tiers of your supply base, you can identify risk at a much earlier stage. You can react faster and reduce the costs of mitigating risk.

Where Does Sub-tier Information Come From?

riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility is the critical first step to collaboratively reduce risk in your supply network. Every participant in the network benefits from gaining visibility of new and emerging threats to their supply or brand.

1. First, you invite your tier 1 suppliers to join riskmethods Supply Risk Network. You encourage active participation, so everyone gains true visibility into their joint multi-tier supply network that is otherwise unattainable.​ 


2. Next, suppliers contribute information on their own sites and suppliers. In return, they gain free access to our leading AI-driven supply chain management platform.

The company that has visibility into its sub-tiers has a big advantage over its competitors. You hear about disruption first, so you’re the first to react.
Artur Kulawinski, Global Supply Risk Manager at CLARIANT

How Do I Visualize Sub-tier Suppliers?

riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility lets you map your entire supply network and receive real-time notifications of risk events. The monitoring is powered by artificial intelligence. You go deeper to understand more, faster. Identify who and where your n-tiers are, to stay one step ahead of risk. This strengthens resilience of the extended supply chain.


Mapped supply-chain with:

  • Verified sub-tier relations
  • Based on site level
  • Including flow of materials
  • Suppliers become resilient as they get risk aware

How Does it Work?

Based on shared data from your suppliers, you'll get real-time monitoring of your tier 2 suppliers. You also monitor supply paths and other sites natively within The riskmethods Solution. This helps supply chain professionals to understand the criticality of risk events and to take counter measures (for example, use other transport modes, or switch to alternative sources) to ensure business continuity across the entire supply chain.

“Gaining sub-tier visibility continues to be one of the most complex and pressing challenges associated with managing supply chain risk. The process is manual, tedious, and time-consuming, and rarely benefits the supplier. We’re overcoming this issue by automating processes, making it easy to collaborate, and offering tangible value for each participant in the trading relationship.”
Heiko Schwarz, CEO and founder of riskmethods.

How Do Suppliers Benefit?

When suppliers participate and share data within riskmethods Supply Risk Network, you enable them to be more risk aware. This helps make your entire supply chain more resilient.

riskmethods Supply Risk Network is a collaborative hub that is free for suppliers, and easy to join. In return for providing data about sub-tiers, suppliers gain immediate visibility into risk in their own supply chains. Such risk insights help companies of any size increase transparency, reduce financial risk, stay competitive, and demonstrate risk management for their stakeholders.

How Do I Invite My Suppliers?

Inviting suppliers to join Supply Risk Network is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Within The riskmethods SolutionTM, you select suppliers for whom you want to achieve sub-tier visibility. 
  2. Invite these suppliers to join Supply Risk Network via a system-generated email. Send invitations easily and without additional manual effort. 
  3. Use riskmethods Supply Risk Network Onboarding Service to reduce your follow-up workload, and achieve high levels of participation. 

Some suppliers may need support in understanding how they benefit from participating in Supply Risk Network. Or, it may be necessary to contact suppliers directly to find the right contact in-house who can obtain and provide the required information. riskmethods Supply Risk Network Onboarding Service manages such communication with your selected suppliers. Thanks to individual attention and follow-up, more suppliers participate, which saves you the time and the cost of providing these resources. 

Build Supply Chain Resilience: riskmethods Sub-tier VisibilityTM

Extend visibility into your supply chain and your supplier network. Reduce bottlenecks through collaborative visualization of your sub-tier risk exposure.

“Enterprises can avoid costs and disruption by addressing risk before it happens, and by using prepared action plans to speed up risk mitigation. Collaboration between all supply parties leads to more stable supply chains, partnerships, and revenue streams for buyers as well as suppliers.”
Bill DeMartino, Chief Product Officer and GM North America riskmethods
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