riskmethods Supply Risk Network™

riskmethods Supply Risk Network is a trusted hub for enterprises and their supply network partners to collaboratively manage supply chain risk, empowering them to increase resilience, avoid disruption, ensure compliance, and protect brand reputation.

Why Collaboration Drives Resilience


Supply chain disruptions are expensive. On average, supply chain disruptions cause 4.2 % EBITDA loss per year, according to McKinsey Global Institute 2020. Such losses can be drastically reduced, or even completely avoided, when you have a resilient supply network.

With riskmethods Supply Risk Network, companies collaboratively manage supply chain risks and gain multi-tier transparency via an innovative approach that benefits each of the participants in the network. These mutual benefits enhance participation, fuel collaboration, and boost profitability for all supply chain partners:

  • Achieve supply chain resilience by reducing risk exposure of the entire supply network through a collaborative approach. Thanks to highly relevant risk insights, you gain visibility across all tiers to drive top- and bottom-line results
  • Speed up risk mitigation with prepared countermeasures. Risk awareness across the end-to-end supply network empowers your business to get a head start of several days or even weeks. Work with your network partners to proactively handle risk events
  • Maintain business continuity through artificial intelligence-driven supply chain risk management technology. Automating risk identification empowers you to cover more types of risks, and for more trading partners. You improve and accelerate your decision-making
  • Maintain compliance and sustainability along multiple tiers of the supply chain. This visibility throughout the network enables transparency, and helps protect your reputation
  • Meet the demands of your end customers and uphold delivery commitments through the strengthened resilience of the entire supply network
  • Visualize the complete supply chain structure of your first and sub-tier suppliers on an interactive world map. Immediately identify potential threats

How Your Enterprise Benefits from Collaborating with Suppliers and Sub-tiers


riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility™

riskmethods Supply Risk Network enables visibility via riskmethods Sub-tier Visibility™, an innovative approach to multi-tier transparency that benefits each of the participants in a trading relationship.

As an enterprise customer, when you invite your suppliers to join riskmethods Supply Risk Network, you strengthen the resilience of your network in two main ways. By gaining visibility of risk throughout multiple tiers of your supply base, you can identify risk at a much earlier stage and can react faster.

And, as your suppliers join the network, they automatically receive risk alerts in real time of new and emerging threats to their supply chains. You enable them to be more risk aware, which helps make your entire supply chain more resilient.

  • Receive real-time insights to assess early warnings of threats of your suppliers and related sub-tiers. Take collaborative, proactive steps to avoid consequences of risk events
  • Achieve collaborative supply chain visibility into sub-tiers, powered by artificial intelligence, which act more precisely and faster than any other process
  • Gain insights needed to assess the risk posture of your suppliers. Reduce supply bottlenecks and diamond risks – when tier 1 suppliers procure from the same sub-tier supplier – in your end-to-end supply chain
  • Improve relationships with suppliers, and become a valuable partner by helping them to become more risk aware
  • Make suppliers more resilient by providing immediate risk insights into their supply chains, and encouraging proactive responses to threats
  • Avoid missed sales and contractual penalties through supply chain visibility and related risk-mitigation plans
  • Generate huge savings potential of risk mitigation costs, insurance fees, disruption-caused production delays, lower inventory levels. Save time by automating risk data collection and risk management processes
According to Gartner, 77% of organizations note collaboration with key customers and suppliers as a key investment or adjustment in planning to achieve greater resilience and or agility
2020 Gartner Future of Supply Chain Survey

How Suppliers Benefit from Joining riskmethods Supply Risk Network


When your customer invites you to join riskmethods Supply Risk Network, it’s a great opportunity to foster the collaboration with your business partner. You gain supply chain risk insights and ultimately become a risk-aware enterprise. You collaborate with your business partners on risk mitigation to strengthen the entire network. For suppliers, participation is free.

Check out a clip from our launch event with riskmethods Chief Product Officer, Bill DeMartino”

  • Deepen the relationship with your customer, and become a trusted partner of choice by jointly collaborating on risk management
  • Support end-to-end supply visibility by providing your supplier data to selected network partners. This shortens reaction times to risk events, and allows you and your network to avoid costs and reputational damage related to risk
  • Get detailed insights about the risk status of your own suppliers, so you can identify and mitigate threats faster in real-time. Protect your business and relationships – without having to make a technology investment
  • Save time and money. Participating in riskmethods Supply Risk Network relieves time-consuming manual collection of risk information. It is a perfect first step into becoming a more resilient enterprise and trustworthy business partner
  • Onboarding to riskmethods Supply Risk Network is convenient and user-friendly thanks to easy sign-up and automated processes for sharing information on suppliers and sites with your customer
  • Stay competitive through greater resilience in a market where only the best supply network will win

Why Manage Risk with The riskmethods Solution?

riskmethods provides the advanced technology needed to manage supply chain risk proactively and collaboratively, to make your business more resilient and drive your success.

Be risk aware

Make informed decisions. Understand vulnerabilities in your global supply chain, such as site clusters and single-source situations


React faster

Boost business continuity. By detecting risk patterns that could lead to shortage, you can beat the competition and secure supply


Be proactive

Protect your business. Take all risks into account - including geopolitical, regulatory, and cyber - to foster resilient supply chains

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