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Risk Radar. Impact Analyzer. Action Planner. The riskmethods products are designed to help you navigate each phase of the risk management lifecycle. Learn how riskmethods can help you avoid costs and drive value.

riskmethods Risk RadarTM

powered by Risk Intelligence
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  • See real-time insights about the health of your entire supply network via dashboards and an interactive world map.
  • Benefit from AI-driven technology that generates relevant alerts so you’re the first to know about a risk impacting your supply chain.
  • Receive predictive signals about potential risk spanning broad risk types.
  • Assess and compare risk scores using both an out-of-the-box and fully customizable scorecard.
  • Populate risk profiles based on third-party risk data sources like MunichRE, Transparency International, CIA World Fact Book, World Bank and more.

riskmethods Impact AnalyzerTM

powered by Risk Intelligence
riskmethods Impact Analyzer screenshot

  • Generate impact scores for all your suppliers by category to understand exactly how a risk event might disrupt your supply network.
  • Compare a supplier’s risk score and impact score to understand where your supply network is most vulnerable.
  • Model what-if scenarios to understand how mitigation strategies will increase or decrease the impact individual suppliers have on your business.

riskmethods Action PlannerTM

powered by Risk Intelligence
riskmethods Action Planner screenshot

  • Rely on plans to help you take immediate, decisive and preventive actions for all types of risk.
  • Automate workflows and assign user tasks so that everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it.
  • Keep a record of risk mitigation activities to show compliance to regulations and standards for customers, internal stakeholders and anyone else.
  • Initiate contact with your business partners (suppliers, customers, own sites) to jointly mitigate risk

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