The riskmethods SCRM Summit: Empowering Leaders to Create More Reliable Supply Networks

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Once a year, in two locations, riskmethods gathers supply chain risk management practitioners and thought leaders together in order to share our passion for making global supply networks more reliable. In 2019, the riskmethods Supply Chain Risk Management Summit is taking place in Hamburg (October 15) and Boston (October 29), and registration is now open!

by Erin Denlea 



At riskmethods, we firmly believe that collaboration is key to a resilient enterprise. That’s why we make sure that working together underlines a huge part of everything we do—not only within our product, but in how we interact with our customers and the larger procurement, supply chain and risk communities.

One of the ways we strive to enhance collaboration is with the annual riskmethods Supply Chain Risk Management Summit, which is a full-day conference in two countries that brings together practitioners and thought leaders who are ready to brainstorm about supply chain risk. Our 2019 Summit is fast approaching, and registration is now open for both the Hamburg event and the Boston event!

If you’re reading this blog, I know you care about making your company more resilient—and I also know you’re not the only one. That’s why we chose “Unite & Inspire” as our 2019 theme: The Summit is our chance to unite leaders who have the same goals, and inspire them to find innovative solutions to make global supply networks more reliable. If supply chain risk impacts your work, you should be part of this conversation! Attendees of the riskmethods Supply Chain Risk Management Summit will explore the core of supply chain risk, but also be exposed to the big picture of everything that it influences: digital transformation, supply chain visibility, supplier relationship and risk management, business continuity and more.

We’re proud to host a variety of risk and procurement experts, including Peter Smith of Spend Matters, Gary Lynch from the Risk Project and risk experts from Zurich Insurance Group. We’ll also be highlighting some of the best practices our top customers (like Mölnlycke, Mahle and Telekom, to name a few) are taking to mitigate supply chain risk and running breakout sessions that will give you the chance to network with your peers, ask questions and learn from what other companies are doing. 

At riskmethods, we believe that by elevating supply chain risk management to a core enterprise topic, we can make all businesses more resilient. I hope you’ll join us in Hamburg or Boston to help us realize this vision—and to join us on the journey to make supply networks more reliable.

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