A Day in the Life of a Risk-Aware CPO


How should you be incorporating risk management into your supplier relationship management processes? Find out by shadowing Charly, the risk-aware CPO of the fictitious MC Robotics, on a typical day at work. You’ll learn:

  • Why risk can make you better at sourcing
  • How risk should be considered in a tender
  • What preventive actions you can take to avoid risk

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About riskmethods

riskmethods was born because its founders had a mission: to create a world of reliable supply networks. Rolf Zimmer and Heiko Schwarz launched riskmethods in 2013, when they saw that companies everywhere needed a way to navigate risk in a more effective way. Now riskmethods is a market leader in supply chain risk management, helping beloved brands and working with well-known partners to create reliable supply networks around the globe.