Whitepaper: Find Your Risk Blind Spots

We surveyed more than 250 procurement leaders and uncovered huge blind spots when it comes to a critical element of procurement responsibilities – monitoring risk. This research also revealed that in today’s procurement landscape, many organizations are ill-prepared to mitigate emerging and evolving risks in their global supply chains. Why? Because nearly half of organizations surveyed have no structured assessment of criticality and limited visibility into their supplier performance information.

  • 49% of respondents noted that their organization had no structured assessment of supplier criticality or impact
  • 39% of respondents indicated that they were in the low to moderate range of automation to update critical risk information
  • Only 20% of respondents said they have a structured risk mitigation plan in place.
  • 47% of procurement leaders said they experienced 1­-5 major supply chain disruptions this past year

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riskmethods was born because its founders had a mission: to create a world of reliable supply networks. Rolf Zimmer and Heiko Schwarz launched riskmethods in 2013, when they saw that companies everywhere needed a way to navigate risk in a more effective way. Now riskmethods is a market leader in supply chain risk management, helping beloved brands and working with well-known partners to create reliable supply networks around the globe.