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Effective SCRM means monitoring millions of sources to screen for new and emerging risk. If you think that sounds like a task that’s beyond human scale, you’re right—but by leveraging AI, you can do it. We call it: riskmethods Risk Intelligence.

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At riskmethods, we turn artificial intelligence into Risk Intelligence™.

How do we do it?

Step 1

We analyze information from millions of data sources to identify new and emerging supply chain risk events.

Millions of documents flow into the riskmethods AI to be processed and checked for relevant events that will impact supply chains.

 That's called big data.

Step 2

The riskmethods AI identifies duplicate information and weeds it out.

Using the riskmethods Duplication Detection Engine (the DuDe), the riskmethods AI identifies information that is about the same supply chain risk event, so it can eliminate it from the analysis.

The riskmethods AI flags hundreds of thousands of duplicate items per month.

 That's called natural language processing.

Step 3

The riskmethods AI analyzes the remaining information and identifies only the most relevant events.

Using the Recommender Engine, the riskmethods AI analyzes information about supply chain risk events and rates them for relevancy.

How does it know what’s relevant? Because we’ve been training it for years.

We’ve fed it millions of pieces of data and told the riskmethods AI whether they are relevant or not relevant. As you read this, we’re feeding it even more. Based on this training, the AI understands how to determine relevancy itself.

 That's called machine learning.

Step 4

Our Risk Research team reviews and enriches the information.

We don’t let the machines do it all. In the last step before sending an alert, our Risk Research team makes sure it’s exactly what you need to know—enhancing the alert with additional information such as impact zones and more.

 That's called data enrichment.


 And that's called Risk Intelligence™.

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