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Effective SCRM means monitoring millions of sources to screen for new and emerging risk. If you think that sounds like a task that’s beyond human scale, you’re right—but by leveraging AI, you can do it. We call it: riskmethods Risk Intelligence.

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riskmethods Risk Intelligence

  • Continuous monitoring enables automated detection of risk in real time.
  • AI extracts only relevant signals.
  • Risk data feeds populate scorecards to create instant risk profiles of your entire supply chain.

AI is the core of riskmethods Risk Intelligence, a technology-driven service that uses big data monitoring and machine-learning to zero in on the real risk to your supply chain. Risk Intelligence is what powers The riskmethods Solution—and it’s also your way to be smarter about risk.

Third-Party Data Sources

In addition to monitoring the world of unstructured data, riskmethods Risk Intelligence also brings in structured data from a wide array of third-party risk data sources.

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