Protecting the Products We Love

At riskmethods we work as a team to protect the products and brands we love. Why? Because we can’t imagine living without them.

Our Mission

Empower companies of any size to master supply risk and create reliable supply networks​.

Who We Are

riskmethods empowers businesses to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk. By using artificial intelligence, we help you automate and accelerate threat detection, enabling you to gain competitive advantage with a well-managed approach to meeting customer demands, protecting reputation and reducing total cost of risk.

riskmethods serves companies worldwide, protecting hundreds of brands and trillions in annual revenue. Our promise to our customers is simple: We will make your business more resilient. How do we do it? By giving you the ability to prevent and mitigate risk. Harnessing big data and machine-learning AI technology, riskmethods identifies the real threats to a supply network, and then gives you the tools you need to assess the impact of that risk and take proactive steps to collaboratively prevent or mitigate it.


Why We Do It

riskmethods and our partner ecosystem are experts in procurement, supply chain, enterprise risk and technology. We have core beliefs that drive our vision: We believe that having a resilient business requires monitoring and proactive mitigation of supply chain risk. We believe that transformative technology is necessary for a 360-degree view of risk. We believe that the best way to manage risk is to address it proactively. And we believe that collaborative communication is one of the keys to supply network visibility, which is what allows you to identify the weakest link in your supply chain and then make it stronger. Our solution reflects our vision and gives you the ability to realize it.




200+ supply chain professionals



40,000+ users in 230+ global enterprises



More than 1.1 million suppliers, locations and supply chains monitored



Award winning solution

Making a difference for our planet

As a global company we care about the environment we live in and the planet we stand on. Dealing with risks daily, we are well aware of the fact how nature is changing constantly. Our aim is to give back to our planet and help our environment recover and grow further. Therefore, we partnered up with Treedom. Treedom is an European based company, founded in 2010, which helps their customers to plant trees in Africa, South America, Asia and Italy. All plants are set out by local farmers who profit from the harvest of the planted trees.


riskmethods is led by experts with a mission. In addition to decades of experience in running global businesses, the leadership team has been internationally recognized for their contributions to supply chain risk management.


Here at riskmethods, we don’t hire human resources—we hire talent. If you’re someone who wants to make a difference, do something meaningful and have an impact, then riskmethods is the right place for you. Join us!


riskmethods works with an ecosystem of partners that complements the riskmethods Solution. Our partners provide information, technology and advice that bring any company’s supply chain risk management practices to the next level.


At riskmethods, we’re proud of the awards we’ve won and the recognition we’ve gained since we started our company. We’re grateful for these achievements that inspire us to work harder and aim higher.

Customer Stories

Here at riskmethods, we call ourselves Riskbusters. That’s because we’ve helped hundreds of brands protect thousands of products—across multiple supply chain tiers, and across all categories of risk. When you activate riskmethods, you don’t just become a customer. You become part of a team.

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