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Bringing together many years of professional expertise in supply chain, procurement, and in driving global business growth.







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Heiko Schwarz

Heiko Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer

Heiko has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the software industry with start-ups and large enterprises that focus on solutions for procurement, supply chains, and risk management. He is driven and motivated by his profound expertise in supply chain-related topics, his understanding of customer needs, and the joy of working with his teams. As CEO and founder of riskmethods, his experience, passion, and enthusiasm continue to fuel innovation at riskmethods, expand internationalization, and build on riskmethods' leading market position. Heiko also heads Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.


Bill deMartino, Chief Product Officer

Since the early 2000s, Bill has led Product Management, Customer Success and Sales teams that help organizations transform their procurement and supply chain capabilities, so he is only too familiar with the challenges confronting these enterprises. As Chief Product Officer for riskmethods, he leads the strategy that drives the team as we create the solutions that our customers need to build and manage resilient supply chains.


Nasim Al-Tamimi, Chief Technology Officer

With more than 14 years in software and technology, Nasim is a true expert in building technology teams and SaaS for mission-critical platforms at scale. At riskmethods, Nasim’s mission as Chief Technology Officer is to up-scale our technology development and operations to keep pace with the rapid growth of our customer base and usage of The riskmethods Solution.


Michael Schoner, Chief Finance Officer

Previously serving as Director Finance/VP Finance of a global software enterprise, and with more than a decade of experience as a Big Four consultant, certified auditor Michael Schoner is our Chief Financial Officer. His background in assessing financial operations, verifying corporate records, and conducting due diligence reviews help us ensure efficient business processes, compliance, and financial integrity at riskmethods.

Martin Beischl

Dr. Martin Beischl, Chief Talent and Culture Officer

When building and strengthening Talent & Culture at riskmethods, Martin can draw on his HR experience in DAX 30 companies, as well as his degree in International Culture and Business Studies, and PhD in Political Science. Our Chief Talent and Culture Officer is a culture and diversity advocate, and believes that people are our single most important asset and driver for growth.

Voices of our leadership

I’m proud to work with my team to provide valuable content along the buyer’s journey, and to help customers navigate their supply chain risk management journey.
Birgit Müller, Senior Director of Marketing, EMEA
Birgit Müller
It’s rare that one gets to help sell a solution that positively touches so many people’s lives. Being able to protect the products we all love means that every interaction we have with our customers leads to a positive outcome for their employees and their customers. People ask what I do at riskmethods. That’s an easy question to answer: I help our customer deliver on their promises to their customers.
Bradley Paster, Vice President of Sales, North America
We are here to help our customers gain a better understanding of how to improve their supply chain risk management programs. It’s exciting to lead the market, and an honor to be a trusted partner.
Thomas Gröhl, Senior Vice President Marketing
Thomas Gröhl
It’s been an exciting journey so far. Every single day, I still find it inspiring to help our customers make their supply networks stronger and more resilient. We do this by designing The riskmethods Solution so that it perfectly meets customer needs and requirements. Working within our outstanding team makes this possible.
Kai Elsermann, Vice President Sales EMEA
I combine my experience with my passion to support riskmethods in becoming an organization that continuously learns and improves. This allows us to embrace the volatile world, so that our customers gain the competitive advantage they need to save money and to maintain their good reputation.
Bianca Erb, Director Leadership & Organizational Development
I focus on putting our customers’ success at the heart of everything we do. My team is a navigator for customers on their journey toward mastering SCRM and achieving more resilient supply chains.
Tom Hiller, Vice President Customer Success
Using the latest breakthroughs in the area of artificial intelligence, riskmethods removes noisy data and provides real signals. By leading the data team, I am proud to contribute to democratizing machine learning technologies, and to support our customers in managing their supply chains sustainably.
Andrii Shapoval, Director of Data
Customer success at riskmethods is much more than just delivering service or support. It's about partnering with our customers, understanding their requirements, and helping them unlock solution value. Our customer success team helps our customers achieve their desired business outcomes throughout their journey with riskmethods and achieve SCRM resiliency.
Peter Dudek, Senior Director Customer Success NA
Peter Dudek
Whether providing technical, operational or business support, every day I aim to help companies achieve greater supply chain transparency. Customer success is about delivering value to our customers.
Marco Leidl, Director of Customer Success EMEA

Diversity at riskmethods

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At riskmethods we care to have a diverse and inclusive environment, where everybody can bring themselves to work. We encourage our riskbusters to embrace different perspectives and backrounds. 

To ensure diversity and inclusion, we constantly educate our employees on anti-discriminative behaviour, by creating Employee Resource Groups as well as forming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Forum. 

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