Risk-Aware Procurement

Best Practices from Risk Management Award Winner Clariant


In today’s increasingly complex world, where markets are being disrupted and geopolitical risk is higher than ever, procurement has a new directive: to consider risk a key element of its role, and to integrate that element within a larger business strategy.

Learn how the procurement organisation at chemicals giant Clariant did just that—and how risk management became a lever that helped deliver greater value and deeper insights while also raising the profile of procurement.

Your key takeaways from this webinar

  • Hear from Clariant on its award winning supply chain risk management program, which has seen the implementation of a new suite of tools and created a risk-aware culture within the business.
  • Find out about the risks that are front and centre in the thoughts of CPOs and how managing these in a holistic manner is helping to mitigate these threats.
  • See what the future holds for risk management. What tools and what risks will CPOs need to be aware of in the future, and how will they manage those going forward?

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  • Tim Burt
    Editor, Procurement Leaders 

  • Heiko Schwarz 
    Founder and Managing Director, riskmethods 

  • Markus Mirgeler
    Head of Global Procurement Services, Clariant

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