Respond, Recover, Prepare:
Why digitizing procurement now is critical to your post-corona strategy


The coronavirus crisis has exposed weak spots in global supply chains. By using data-driven analytics, procurement can boost visibility and uncover current and future threats. Take action now to protect your supply chain in the post-corona economy.

Join Heiko Schwarz and Sammeli Sammalkorpi on 22 April for an insightful and energetic discussion on learning from adversity - how procurement can take a data-driven approach to responding to this crisis, how to recover, and ways to prepare for the coming economic crunch.

Learn in this action-packed live webinar:

  • What did we learn from this crisis so far?
  • Why now is the right time for digitization and data driven analytics
  • What will be the main challenges in the economic-recovery phase and long term?
  • How risk-enhanced spend visibility help procurement managers now and post-corona crisis

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Sammeli Sammalkorpi Co-founder and VP Customers Sievo
Heiko Schwarz Chief Revenue Officer, Founder

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