Disrupting the Traditional Way of Managing a Global Supply Chain

Recorded Webinar

Supply chain disruptions come in many forms. As we've seen with recent events such as the coronavirus outbreak, reacting faster to potential disruption is an essential element of properly managing your global supply chains. In addition to being prepared for unplanned disruptions and occurrences, it’s important to create a strong end-to-end digital supply chain. Over the past 7 years, AGCO has been doing just that. Their comprehensive program delivered cost reductions, performance optimization and integration across various aggregate systems.

In this webinar, AGCO’s Gregory Toornman and Adam Ferris join riskmethods’ Bill DeMartino to discuss how to manage your supply chain in three key areas: disruptions caused by risk that you can control, risk you can’t control and risk you can somewhat control.

In this can’t miss webinar you will learn, including:

  • The importance of implementing SCRM from two sides of the business – procurement and supply chain management
  • A real-life example of the coronavirus impacts on AGCOs supply chain
  • How AI can help you gain greater visibility on your supply chain

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Bill DeMartino Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, NA
Adam Ferris Global Vice-President of Materials, Logistics and Freight Management, AGCO
Gregory Toornman Global Vice-President of Materials, Logistics and Freight Management, AGCO

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