Managing and mitigating risk in highly volatile businesses – Best practices and insights from Siemens SCM


The past year has highlighted how vulnerable global supply chains can be to disruptions and the importance of a well-run risk management program for better crisis response and risk preparedness.

Watch the webinar recording to finish off the year and kick-off 2021 with a review of supply chain risk management best-practices from Siemens and an outlook towards Procurement’s 2021 priorities and strategies.

Join Martin Berbalk, Corporate VP Supplier (Quality) Management, Open Supplier Innovations, Siemens AG, to gain actionable insights about:

  • How can risk management and digitalization enhance supply chain resilience in a volatile market
  • Best practices in data leveraging and the latest AI solutions to enhance your financial strategic thinking, delivery and compliance insights
  • How SCRM integrates with key processes to enhance resilience
  • What to expect from 2021 and how greater visibility helps to make your supply chain more secure

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Your Speakers

Martin Berbalk Corporate VP Supplier (Quality) Management, Open Supplier Innovations, Siemens AG
Bill DeMartino Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, NA

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