The Whole360: Merging CSR, Compliance and Operational Risk

Recorded Webinar

As supply chain risk grows, so does the need for holistic supplier engagement processes. In this day of hyper-aware consumers, the importance of engaging in socially responsible practices, including compliance to laws and regulations, is key to protecting your brand’s reputation. Different types of risk are historically managed by siloed departments, but implementing a comprehensive supply chain risk management strategy will help you gain competitive advantage.

In this webinar ,riskmethods’ Bill DeMartino and Assent Compliance’s Jared Connors will discuss how being aware of current operational, CSR and compliance risks will enable you to effectively identify, assess, and mitigate risks within your supply chain.

In this can’t miss recorded webinar we will cover topics, including:

  • Current regulatory and reputational risks companies are facing and how these risks are affecting their supply chains
  • How a comprehensive supply chain risk management strategy inclusive of operational, CSR and compliance risks can help you gain competitive advantage
  • The standards that help support a comprehensive SCRM methodology

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Jared Connors Senior SME – Corporate Social Responsibility, Assent Compliance
Bill DeMartino General Manager of North America, riskmethods

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