Procurement’s Evolving Role: Building resilience to supply chain risk

Recorded Webinar

Risk is a constant threat to any supply chain —any business— and it’s only through balancing technology and trust that businesses are able to become proactive in managing and minimising that risk. As procurement focuses on key supplier relationships, the function can add value through greater visibility, compliance, and developing suppliers to be more risk-averse. If procurement teams are able to harness the latest techniques, technology and skills to develop resilience, they can gain a competitive edge. 

In this webinar we look at Deutsche Telekom’s approach to developing an effective risk management strategy, as well as discussing insights around how procurement should be managing their supply chain, in order to minimise different types of risk. 

In this webinar you will gain insights on:

  • Deutsche Telekom and how they used supply chain management to extend their value.
  • How to build a business case for investing in risk management technology.
  • Methods and ways to measure opportunities for developing resilience.

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  • Heiko Schwarz, Co-Founder and Managing Director, riskmethods 
  • Dr. Karim Ouali, VP Procurement, Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Jonathan Webb, Head of Strategy Research Procurement Leaders

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