Supplier Financial Analysis: Tips to Achieve Operational Excellence


Are you ignoring the financial red flags that can change the way you think about your suppliers? With talks of a potential economic downturn around the corner, companies cannot afford to fall short on the financial analysis of their suppliers, and just because a supplier looks good on paper, does not mean that they are financially stable. A holistic approach to mitigating risk within your supply chain is essential to achieving operational excellence.

Eric Evans, Managing Director of Business Development at RapidRatings joins Laura Enny, Alliances Manager at riskmethods to discuss the red flags you should be looking out for and how to make sure your company doesn’t fall into the common traps of inaccurate business partner financial analysis.

In this webinar we will cover topics, including:

  • Common mistakes organizations make when analyzing supplier financials and tips to overcome them
  • How successful companies are employing more proactive, holistic approaches to ensure the continuity of the enterprise
  • How a digitized supply chain risk management program will help you choose the right suppliers
  • The impacts of the coronavirus and force majeure

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Eric Evans Managing Director of Business Development, Rapid Ratings

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