Zurich Supply Chain Risk Management Services

Maintaining business continuity and driving shareholder value require a reliable supply chain. We can help you proactively address your supply chain risk to prevent interruptions when you can, and mitigate them when you can’t.

Zurich Supply Chain Risk Management Services is a strategic agreement with riskmethods, a global, award-winning market leader in supply chain risk management. Together, we can reduce the risk to your business by giving you a more reliable supply network.

Enterprise Risk and Supply Chains

Every company is threatened by supplier and supply chain risk. Taking out insurance to protect yourself is key—but what if you could reduce the chances of being negatively affected in the first place?

Imagine you can automatically monitor the health of your entire supply chain. You’ll receive real-time alerts about problems that could bring your business to a halt, giving you the opportunity to prevent them before they do.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Maintain business continuity. Keep your business running by proactively addressing and responding to supply chain risk. Be the first to know, the first to act and the first to recover.
  • Drive shareholder value. A comprehensive supply chain risk management strategy can both avoid costs and increase cash flow—in insurance savings, more efficient product development and more.
  • Ensure compliance. Monitor your suppliers’ actions and maintain records of risk mitigation activities to show compliance.
  • Help your bottom line. Take advantage of insights that will help you avoid costs. By reacting to risk events and securing supply before a price rise takes effect, you can avoid significant cost increases in shortage situations and keep on serving your customers.
  • Improve your risk profile and access Zurich Business Interruption and Contingent Business Interruption coverages at preferred conditions.

Supply Chain Risk Management in 2 Minutes

Empowering Procurement and Supply Chain Pros

A comprehensive approach to managing supplier and supply chain risk involves the management of all types of risk, for all tiers of supply and for all risk objects (suppliers, locations, ports and more). When done well, SCRM is a critical enabler that is embedded and integrated into the core processes of an enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence at the Core

The riskmethods Solution is powered by Risk Intelligence, a technology-driven service that uses big data monitoring and machine-learning AI to zero in on the real risk to your supply chain.

riskmethods products assist you in every stage of the risk management lifecycle. Risk Radar identifies risk. Impact Analyzer shows you the effect risk could have on your supply chain. Action Planner gives you the tools you need to mitigate risk.

Risk expert or not—riskmethods gives you what you need to address risk in your supply chain.

Customers all over the world rely on our solution